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Open the locked door…

This is a highly adaptable spread for a wide variety of situations.

If you’re free writing, meditating, doing the washing up, trying to look busy at work, cuddling a tree (you get the picture) and a sentence pops out at you. A sentence that holds some kind of power, you can create a spread out of it like this to explore that power/direction/energy that made it pop out.

I’ve found it really useful for a bunch of different sentences. The last one was ‘I embody my power’, split into I/embody/my power. I thought it was going to be all about affirming my power, showing me how to access it and defining what it is. It ended up being all about my relationship with my body. Showing me that as a child I totally embodied my power, my power was in my body, but I had some funny ideas about myself (I, my). That I had then completely disempowered myself by (for various reasons) rejecting my body, refusing to care for it. It showed that I was now in a process of healing my body and so coming back to embodying my power.

The spread helped me to understand that my body is the powerful vessel through which my more cerebral and spiritual gifts flow. Without care for this vessel my spiritual and energetic gifts get confused and pick up the wrong end of a lot of sticks. The spread also gave me a core message about not being a martyr.

Since I first gave this a go with the sentence ‘I am not a woman’. This spread has been all kinds of awesome. I highly recommend giving it a go and I’d love to know how it works for others. I’ve tried it out with friends and they’ve had similarly deep and healing results.

I’ll post a few of my spreads and detailed interpretations using this method later.



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