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Opening into relationship spread

This spread is for those times in our intimate relationships, at whatever stage they are at, when we’re feeling confused. Where we feel positive charges drawing us to open into them, drawing us to union, and negative charges drawing us away from them, to separation. As I’ve said elsewhere,  and MANY others before me, intimate relationships are hard, they bring up our shit. This can get in the way of our opening to divine gifts laid before us, and also get in the way of our seeing when its not a divine gift before us at all.

We want our relationships to bring us to ourselves, to heal rather than harm and nourish rather than starve our souls.

I believe we are born with our hearts wide open, but I know I for one closed mine away very early on for protection. I was born with an open heart but also received deep ancestral trauma. Most confusing. I also had a childhood. Even more confusing. With that as a foundation, identifying and opening up to beautiful, healing, intimate relationships has been difficult to say the least.

This spread is for gaining clarity on what’s going on with a particular relationship, what we’re doing there.

To prepare, shuffle the cards while focusing on this relationship, focusing on your feelings surrounding it. I recommend tarot rather than oracle cards for this spread, but feel free to use whatever cards you have a connection with.

Opening into relationship

1. Vertical – This card represents what the other person in the relationship is to you, this represents them.


2. \ – The positive charge for you in the relationship, the positive energies you are currently feeling.


3. / – The negative charge you are feeling in the relationship, the negative energies you are currently feeling.


4. Ancestral/deep soul work you are doing in this relationship.


5. The source of the positive charge you are feeling, what is feeding that charge.


6. How the positive charge releases or expresses itself. Pay attention to the direction this card is going in, is this an expression into the relationship, or out into the world. Go with your gut.


7. The source of the negative charge.


8. How the negative charge releases or expresses itself. Again, pay attention to the direction.


9. The potential for healing from the expression of the positive charge to the source of the negative charge.


10. The potential for healing from the source of the positive charge to the expression of the negative charge


11. Current potential for soul union.


To get the most out of a spread I took look at each card and get an intuitive feel of its meaning in that position first, then maybe look up meanings to see if I’m hiding something from myself. After doing that with each individual card I like to look at the spread as a whole and pay attention to the relationships between the cards, the directions they are going in.

There are no hard and fast rules for how to do this, go with what you instinctively feel. This spread lends itself particularly well to seeing the cards around the outside as expressing energies going into or out of the relationship. For example, the positive expression might be going into the relationship as support, nurturance, etc. The negative could be going into the relationship as distance, control, martyrdom. The positive might be going out of the relationship as creative expression, the negative as anger or frustration with the world. Anything is possible though, and the exact opposite of my examples could be the case. Trust your intuition in your interpretation.


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