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Blooming into Prosperity Spread

This is a spread that aims to help clarify the feelings we currently have around our ability to prosper. Not just to survive but to thrive. I see our prosperity consciousness as made up of our relationship to our creativity,  our receptivity and our growth:


In capitalist societies much of our understanding around prosperity centres on MONEY. For this reason, before embarking on this spread I recommend a quick 3 card clarifier on your current feelings around the stuff.

Shuffle while focusing on the question ‘what does money mean to me?’ Lay three cards, do a quick and dirty read on your current feelings in relation to money. No need for specific positions, each card will give you a different aspect of your relationship with this weird and complex substance.

Now put those three cards back and shuffle well, focus now on your feelings around prosperity. Visualise yourself in prosperity, whatever that means to you, what does it look like, what does it feel like. Lay the cards face down as described, I’ve found that a different order for revealing the reading than laying it works well, scroll down for full instructions.


Revealing the reading

I like revealing this reading in this order. Obviously do what you like but this has proven an effective way of going about it.

  1. First turn over card 4, from the top of the centre pile. This is the feeling to release and bloom, it will be the main issue currently getting in the way of your bloom into prosperity consciousness. As always, I advise getting a good intuitive read of your feelings in response to each card before looking up any meanings or applying your knowledge of card meanings. Specifically for this card its position will mean you are likely to need to read a negative aspect of the card, its reverse or ill dignified meaning, but go with whatever resonates.
  2. Next go to card 8. This is your foundation of safety for releasing the issue getting in the way. This is what you already have in place to support you in this process. The position of this card means you are likely to be looking for a positive meaning of the card, upright or dignified, but again, go with whatever resonates.
  3. Now place card 4 on one side and reveal card 3. Your current feelings around creativity. Where are you at right now? For cards 1-3 pay attention to reversals if you read with them.
  4. Next  card 7, your internal foundations around creativity. This will generally be the understanding you have gained so far about your creativity in your lifetime.
  5. This foundation may be all kinds of awesome and your current feeling not so much, or the other way around, or they may be in alignment with each other. pay attention to this relationship and what it might mean for you. For me there were differences between my internal foundations and my current feelings because of a bunch of ancestral stuff I’d been carrying which were being expressed in my current feelings but weren’t there in my internal foundations.
  6. When you’ve soaked that in enough for now, put card 3 to the side and reveal card 2. Your current feelings around receptivity.
  7. Then your internal foundations around receptivity with card 6. When you’re ready, put card 2 to one side.
  8. Reveal card 1, your current feelings around your growth. Followed by card 5, your internal foundations around growth.
  9. Now that you’ve got a good idea of where you’re at its time to BLOOM!
  10. Reveal card 9, your creativity bloom. This is what your creative expression can do to open you up to living in prosperity. With the bloom the direction of the card will indicate whether this expression is going out into the world or feeding back in to help you out. Look at this card especially in relation to the previous creativity cards, but also in relation to the rest of the cards you have already revealed.
  11. Repeat this process for cards 10 and finally 11.

Now take some time to look over the whole spread and what it is revealing for you, the messages, information, clarifications, support, advice it is giving you. Take time to let it all percolate, write notes, write affirmations, write a to do list, draw something, go for a walk, whatever comes.

As always, with buckets of LOVE!



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