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Between the One and the Many Spread

This spread is for seeing where we are currently sitting between the one and the many. Seeing our current understanding of being in union or separation, being together or apart. And how these understandings are currently being expressed.

I see life as centrally about relationship, and relationship as flowing between union and separation, both within and without. This spread aims to help see where you’re at right now within this eternal paradox, and to honour where you’ve come from.

If you’re having any confusion about the relationship within, here’s one of nayyirah waheed’s wonderful poems:

Nayyirah waheed.jpg


between the one and the many

1 & 2 Where you sit

These cards together describe where you’re currently sitting in relation to the paradox of connection and separation, most likely how your relationship to this paradox feels right now. Pay attention to whether the cards here are upright or reversed and to which card is over the other when you turn them over. Look at how the two cards interact, do they boost each other, is one blocking or covering the other, are they at peace, in conflict? As always, first pay attention to how looking at the images on the cards make you feel before looking up any meanings.

3 Where you began with others

This and the following card shows you where you’ve come from. Usually what kinds of messages you picked up as a child about the paradox of union and separation in relationships with others. Breathe and really look at this card, honesty about where we began helps to really see where we’re at.

4 Where you began with yourself

Where you began with the paradox of relationship within yourself. We often have parts of ourselves that we separate out from each other, especially in childhood when some aspects of ourselves might be criticised while others are praised. This is card is about where we began in childhood. What our understanding was then about the relationship between these different aspects of ourselves. Again, try to sit, breathe and be honest with yourself here. (You can reveal card 11 at any time to get extra support in sitting with these.)

5 Your current understanding of separation in yourself

Cards 5-8 are understandings that are currently integrated. Even though they may not  be your conscious understandings, these are the understandings on which you are currently operating.

6 Your current understanding of separation from others

7 Your current understanding of union with others

8 Your current understanding of union within yourself

9 How your current understanding is being expressed in relation to others

With the two expression cards pay attention to which direction you think the card is going in, is this being expressed into yourself or out into the world?

10 How your current understanding is being expressed in relation to yourself

11 Support from below

This is a card to show how you are supported from the earth, your ancestors, your roots, however you would like to see it.

12 Clarification about separation

This cards offers clarification on separation for you, to help you to understand what is going on with cards 5 and 6 and to perhaps help you tweak your current understanding if necessary.

13 Clarification about union

Assistance in understanding what is going on with cards 7 and 8.

14 Message from above

This card is your message from above, whatever you see that to be, your higher self, the universe, a deity. This card is the highest state of how you are travelling through this major paradox of life right now. You could see it as your superpower card.

When the full spread is revealed, look at the relationships between them all. Especially pay attention to the journey from where you began to where you are now and how your current feelings in cards 1 & 2 and expressions in cards 9 & 10 relate to this journey.


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