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Joining together to release spread

I created this spread during a week of intensive work, basically a full on tarot retreat, with an amazing friend and spiritual co-worker (that sounds weird, but I mean it). A few days in, we both realised we had major fears of disempowerment that were messing with our flow.

So I decided to create a spread through which we could support each other in releasing these fears. It was an immensely powerful experience. There were moments in it when I thought I’d taken drugs. I definitely hadn’t. I also spent some of the process feeling really nauseous. Luckily we’re both awesome and very good at creating and being safe spaces for each other, this was reflected in the spread, both our powers going in were powers to create safety. So we made it through, and it felt great!! The release was big and palpable and has lasted.

I highly recommend giving this a go with someone you really feel you can trust with your shit. Someone you feel you share a powerful issue with that you’re both ready to release. But you have been warned about how intense it could be! Also, it took us about 2 hours, but we chat A LOT.

When we’ve found and compiled our notes I’m hoping to be able to write up our reading, but it might be a while until that happens, we’ve both been moving around the material world and spiritual realms quite a lot since doing this…


Together with your amazing ally pinpoint the fear you both want to release, I recommend chatting about this fear and how it manifests on your lives, why you’d like to release it now, where you think it came from, etc.

Sit across from each other, so cards 5 and 6 will be pointing at each of you respectively. Light candles, burn nice smelling things, put out offerings, altar items, whatever makes you feel nice and safe and spiritually powerful. We found having quite a lot of chocolate on hand helpful.

Take some deep breaths. Decide from your positioning who will be A and who will be B.

A shuffles focusing on the issue at hand, when ready A hands the deck to B.

B shuffles and focuses until ready and hands the deck back to A.

A cuts the deck and hands it back to B.

B cuts the deck and hands it back to A to lay the first card between the two people.

Follow the order in the diagram for A and B to take turns laying cards face down into the spread.

When all cards have been laid turn the whole central pile over so card 1 is at the top, in line with cards 5 and 6, and they go in order down to 4 at the bottom.

joining together spread web.jpg


(This is just for reference, see below for order of reading)

1-4 Layers to release

5 Power in from A

6 Power in from B

7-8 Power in from Ancestors (or Gaia, Earth, Malkuth if they feel more relevant)

9-10 Power in from the divine (God, Universe, Ein Sof, whatever works for you)

11,13 B’s release out

12,14 A’s release out


The Reading Process

Start by looking at card 1 that should be at the top of the pile between you, in line with cards 5 and 6. This is the first layer to release, this is what you have come together to release and is the first layer that needs to go, it could also be seen as the reason why the two of you have come together to release this particular fear or issue. Look at it, breathe, see what feelings come up, share them.

Now turn over cards 5 and 6 respectively. These cards show you the power you are both bringing into this process of releasing, what you are each bringing to the table. Read the cards and settle in to your powers.

Next are cards 7 and 8. These cards are the powers and messages your ancestors are bringing to the process. The cards may resonate as each belonging to one of you, we found that they were a combined message and force from all our ancestors together. Go with what you feel. Look at card 1 and what you are both bringing to the table. Discuss and feel into how these powers support you to release card 1.

Next are cards 9 and 10. Follow the same process as for 7 and 8, but this will be the powers and messages coming into this process from whatever you see as divinity. Again, take time to feel into this, discuss, relate it back to card 1. Do some breathing and when you’ve processed what you’re seeing so far and feel complete with it, it’s time to remove card number 1. You have what you need to release this first layer.

Now look at card 2, what does this mean to you both as the next layer after card 1 has been released?

Card 2 should form a line with two of the releasing cards, depending on how you turned the central pile over. Whichever way you did it is correct. Either 12 and 13, or 11 and 14. Turn over the releasing cards in line with card 2 in order. One will be A’s release out of this layer, the other will be B’s release out of this layer. Give each persons card the time they individually deserve.

Give each other plenty of time to process your release. Perhaps its action to take, mindset or belief to shift, gift or support to really open to. Whatever feels right is what it is. Take time to look around the spread at the powers coming in. Relate them all to this layer of release. Maybe eat some chocolate if that’s your thing. When you’re ready, release card 2 from the spread, joining card 1.

Now card 3 will be revealed. Repeat the process for card 2 revealing whichever is left of cards 12 and 13, or 11 and 14 in order.

Once you’ve both processed your release from this card, release it out of the spread. You will now have revealed card 4. The aim is for this card to be where you are now that all the previous layers have been released, forming an unobstructed line from the ancestors to the divine. But it could also be one last layer to get the help of the ancestors and the divine to release. Either way, take a good amount of time to look around the spread, seeing what you’re released, feeling how it feels now. Looking at the cards you’ve released to see if they feel/look different than they did before they were released out of the spread.

Major congratulations to you both for taking your time together to do this, for being such amazing supports to each other! You are both immensely awesome.

Probably eat some more chocolate and have a cuddle or high five and maybe a dance or stretch!

Do let me know how it goes it you give this a go!

Much much LOVE!!!

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