I create tarot spreads for deep internal transformation.


These are involved and fairly intricate spreads. They are about going inside and bringing out to light what is found in there, they are designed to dig deep, show you what is really going on and clarify directions for release, expression, opening, growth.

This takes a certain amount of bravery, a willingness to look lovingly in at yourself and hold steady as you see what is there. These spreads will work best when carried out in a place of safety. I recommend creating that for yourself in whatever way works for you before you go in. Light candles, use calming oils, smudge, visualise a protective bubble of white light, call in a trusted friend or guide, whatever works for you.

A story of My Tarot Journey can be found here.

For each spread I post I try to give detailed instructions for its use and then examples of readings using the spread.

I am offering these spreads for anyone to use as they are, or adapted for whatever purpose. Credit and feedback always appreciated.


I will soon be offering readings using these spreads and support in their independent use, watch this space…


Open the locked door

This first spread I am sharing has proven to be really solid and flexible. It’s a fairly simple 9 card spread. I think its a great starting point to get into my method. The first post is the spread itself with instructions. The following posts are details of different processes for entering the spread for different issues and the readings they produced.

Open the locked door…

Open the locked door in action 1

Open the locked door in action 2

Open the locked door in action 3

Opening to relationship

This spread is for getting some clarity on where you’re at in a relationship. Particularly if you’re feeling a lot of charge around it and aren’t sure what’s going on. Intimacy can be confusing… It’s a more intricate 11 card spread, clear a good amount of time for it.

‘Opening to my relationship’ is how it worked out for me. Turns out it works well when you think everything’s great in your relationship too. The spread really called me out on my shit, it was great.

Opening to relationship spread

Opening to my relationship

Blooming into Prosperity

This spread is for helping to figure out where we’re at in relation to prosperity, what might be getting in the way of our blooming into whatever prosperity looks like for us and clarifying how we can grow and bloom! This is another intricate 11 card spread, make sure you have an hour or so.

Blooming into Prosperity by Grieving the Ancestors is one of my readings using the spread that made clear that my blocks to prosperity were coming from ancestral fears/grief.

Blooming into Prosperity Spread

Blooming into Prosperity by Grieving the Ancestors


Between the One and the Many Spread

I believe the seat for navigating our relationships, both within ourselves and with others, is where we are in the paradoxical flow between union and separation. Sounds complicated, I guess it is a paradox!

This spread is for checking in with where we’re sat right now in that flow, honouring where we’ve come from, and clarifying our current understandings. Its quite a head twister but its proved very empowering so far! This one is a 14 card spread, a good number for sitting in a paradox.

Between the One and the Many Spread

Joining Together to Release Spread

This is a seriously powerful spread that I created so that me and a friend could release shared fears together, holding each others hands, midwifing each other through the process. It is a spread for two people to do together and its awesome! It’s a 14 card spread but takes extra long, especially if you both like to chat and process with words… It took us about 2 hours.

Joining together to release spread


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